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NASA, Voyager 1 Mission, photograph of Jupiter's "Great Red Spot", the 6th June 1979, vintage chromogenic print
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NASA, Voyager 1 Mission, photograph of Jupiter's "Great Red Spot", the 6th June 1979, vintage chromogenic print Collector Square Ref: 37 91 40

$ 4,930

Condition : Very good condition
Gender : Ladies, Men
Year : 1979
Material : Paper
Category : Photograph
Image size : 20,3 x 25,9 cm

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Photograph of Jupiter's "Great Red Spot "during the NASA's Voyager 1 Mission, the 6th June 1979. Vintage chromogenic print.

In 1972, NASA, after the success of the Apollo missions which enabled Man to walk on the Moon on July 20, 1969, began the «Voyager» program. The goal is to approach and explore the outer planets of the solar system: Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune. The Voyager 1 and Voyager 2 probes will be sent in 1976. The Voyager program met a great public popularity by revealing the first extraordinary color images of the most important planets in our solar system. These historical photographs now belong to the History of Photography, of which they have written some of the most extraordinary pages.

Jupiter’s «The Great Red Spot» is one of the most magnificent shows captured in space by Man. This photograph was taken from a distance of one million kilometers from the planet Jupiter. The exposed era is approximately 25,000 km. Jupiter's "Great Red Spot " is partially hidden in the north by a cloud of ammonia. In the south, appears in white, an anticyclonic vortex in the atmosphere of the planet; all evoking a fantastic space landscape as Van Gogh could have imagined it.

This rare photograph belongs to the very closed circle of the best known and most appreciated photographs of space. It has on its back a scientific legend on a sheet. Its state of conservation is «premium».

Thanks: We thank Mister Phinera, consultant specialized in 20th century photography, for his help in the authentication and the writing of our notes.

Signature: Attached on the back, document of "Public information office, Jet propulsion laboratory, California Institute of Technology, National Aeronautics and space administration, Pasadena California" with a description, date and numbered P-21431C. Kodak Professional watermark.

Condition: Very good vintage condition.

Dimensions: 20,3 x 25,9 cm.

Each object is vintage and may show signs of wear.

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