The history of Bulgari B.Zero1

Bulgari B.Zero1 jewellery

Since its launch in 2000, B.zero1 has become the most highly acclaimed jewelry line of the Italian Bulgari brand: cleanly styled gold rings adorned with different materials that have developed over the years into a range of different styles.

The radical industrial style merges two characteristics of Bulgari’s iconic past: the Tubogas pattern and the distinctive Bulgari logo. In keeping with the brand’s rich creative heritage, B.zero1’s iconic spiral is a metaphor for the triumphal harmony of the past, the present and the future in union, as well as a symbol of eternal renewal. Engraved on the side of the pieces that make up the B.zero1 range, the logo Bulgari curls into the spiral, reflecting the synthesis of tradition and innovation.

The continued success of B.zero1 owes a great deal to the timeless lyricism of its design, a composition of two elements that each come together in perfect harmony. The first, a central loop in the form of a strip, refers to the golden circles of the flexible tubular chain of the Tubogas, a design from the late 19th century named for the winding tubes in gas pumps that Bulgari reintroduced into high end jewelry’s visual repertoire in the 1940s. The second part of the B.zero1 consists of two flat rings that surround the central portion, each engraved with BVLGARI’s double logo.

Those skilled in the art and lovers of fine jewelry will remember that for the tenth anniversary of the B.zero1 collection ,the artist Anish Kappor created a special series in tribute: 15 models that subtly mix rose gold and ceramics specifically created for them by the sculptor.

With the B.zero1 collection, Bulgari has created a timeless classic to equal the little black dress. Its chic yet distinguished elegance is available in the form of a ring, necklace, pendant or bracelet and in materials, each of which is as precious as it is unique, such as rose, marble and diamond.

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