The history of Longines Lindbergh

Watches Longines Lindbergh

The Longines brand’s iconic Lindbergh model was designed for the famous American aviation pioneer, Charles Lindbergh, and embodies the famous Swiss watchmaker’s spirit and commitment to excellence.

In 1927, nicknamed the “Lone Eagle,” the young man crossed the Atlantic ocean non-stop in his airplane, the “Spirit of Saint Louis,” flying from New York to Paris in 33 hours and 30 minutes. As the timekeeper for this legendary transatlantic crossing, Longines entered the annals of history.

In 1931, Lindbergh conceived a navigational watch and commissioned Longines to build it: this model, named in his honor as the Lindbergh, enabled the wearer to calculate his longitude to determine an exact geographic location.

As a classic of the Longines marque, the Lindbergh has been reinterpreted and developed ever since.

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