General questions

Do I need to create an account to be able to buy or sell?

To buy and sell luxury items through Collector Square, you need to create a customer account with a user name and password. Once you’ve done that, you can edit your profile by clicking "my account", then "edit your account information", then "edit profile".

How do you guarantee the confidentiality of my personal data?

We keep all our members’ personal information confidential. Whether a seller or buyer, we never communicate your details to third parties, particularly other members, unless specifically requested to do so by the legal or regulatory authorities, particularly in the case of detection of a criminal act. All financial transactions are secured using the SecurID system and our partner HSBC.

How are items insured?

We insure and assume liability for all items from the time they are collected from the seller’s address until they are received by the buyer (or resent to the seller if the item is sadly not sold). All items are insured against theft and accidental damage up to the sale price indicated in the agreement to sell.

Can I have my items valued or can I examine items for sale by visiting the Paris showroom?

You can visit us at our showroom to submit items you wish to sell, browse items currently for sale or find out more about our business. You can only have items valued by appointment, so phone or email first. To see jewellery and watches, you must also contact us and make an appointment. Our Paris showroom at 36 boulevard Raspail (75007) is open Monday to Saturday from 11am to 7pm.

I would like to sell an item

How do I offer an item for sale on Collector Square?

Once registered and logged onto our website, you can offer an item for sale by filling in the valuation form online or by getting in touch with our team directly by phone on +33 1 46 34 35 30, or by email at Our specialists will then carry out an initial valuation of your item within 48 hours. Provided your item is approved, you will be sent a sale valuation and proposal (which you may accept or reject), plus a mandate to sell. To accept the sale proposal, simply return an acceptance confirmation by email. Once you have accepted, our team will organise collection of your item by DHL, who will email you a packing slip and a link to arrange collection on the date and from the address of your choice. If you wish, we can assist you with packing your item by sending appropriate packaging to you. You must sign the mandate to sell which we sent you with the sale proposal and enclose it with the item. You can also choose to deposit your item at our Paris showroom at 36 boulevard Raspail (75007). For Paris and inner suburbs, our in-house couriers can collect your items by appointment. If you reject the sale proposal, the sale process is terminated without charge. On receipt of your item, our specialists will carry out the final valuation confirming the estimate and the terms and conditions of sale, and then will issue a certificate guaranteeing that the product is not counterfeit and that it complies with the description. For more information about the sale process, please refer to our general terms and conditions (item 3).

What is Collector Square’s commission?

Collector Square does not apply commission for offering your item for sale, but only when your item has sold. This single, transparent commission is 35% including taxes of your item’s sale price.

How are items valued on Collector Square?

All items sold via Collector Square are valued by experts and specialists, who are recognised as being among the best in the world. They carry out an initial valuation based on the sale form filled in by the seller and attached photographs, then complete a final valuation on receipt of the item.

Who pays shipping costs for my item?

We pay shipping costs associated with your item. If you agree to the sale proposal and your item sells, the pre-paid shipping fees will be deducted from the sale price (€20 for France, €30 for Europe, on request for other countries). If you agree to the sale proposal and your item has not sold after 90 days, you may collect your item on request. In this case, all shipping fees are paid by us. If you reject our sale proposal, we will pay to have your item returned to you.

Who is responsible for putting my item online? And how quckly does it happen?

Collector Square takes care of putting your item online, from drawing up the item description to taking the photographs which will be published alongside your online item. Online publication occurs within 48 hours of receipt of your item.

Who is responsible for relations with the potential buyer?

All communications with buyers are carried out by Collector Square’s dedicated Buyer Relations teams.

When and how am I paid once my item has sold?

You have a choice of how you want to be paid: after expiry of the buyer’s legal cooling-off period (fourteen full days from receipt of the item) and within a maximum of 15 days following payment by the buyer, or by bank transfer or cheque depending on the instructions you provided in the mandate to sell.

What happens if my item does not sell?

If your item has sadly not sold after 90 days, we may offer you the option of revising the initial sale price, subject to your approval. If you choose, you may also collect your item on request, or we can return it to you at our expense.

Can I remove an item from sale?

By agreeing to the sales proposal we sent you and returning the signed mandate to sell, you agree to offer your item for sale on our site for 90 days. If your item is unsold, you may then collect it on request. Your item will then be returned to you at our expense.

I would like to buy an item

How do I buy an item?

Once registered and logged in to our website, you can make a purchase by clicking "buy" and entering the required information. Your purchase is confirmed once you have completed the secure electronic payment directly via our website. The item will then be shipped to you at the delivery address of your choice, with your signature required on delivery. You then have a legal cooling-off period of fourteen full days from receipt of the item.

What payment methods do you offer and how is their security ensured?

Collector Square currently offers payment by Visa or MasterCard directly via our website, with security provided by the SecurID system and our partner HSBC. You may also pay by bank transfer to the bank account indicated during the purchase process.

Which countries do you deliver to?

We are happy to deliver to most countries in the world. Specific terms and conditions and taxes may apply for some countries, depending on applicable local legislation. For countries outside the European Union, our delivery teams will inform you of specific import and delivery conditions applicable to your region. Import taxes specific to your region are payable by you and invoiced by our transporter.

How is my item delivered (timescale, costs, delivery method)?

All items are delivered securely by DHL. Delivery times and costs vary depending on the weight of the package, the delivery location and the delivery option selected. The costs applicable to your order are displayed in the basket before payment. The buyer’s signature is strictly required on delivery to confirm receipt.

What are the various duties and taxes payable?

For deliveries outside the European Union, our Delivery teams will contact you to inform you of the delivery conditions as well as any duties and taxes applicable to your region. Import taxes specific to your region are payable by you and invoiced by our transporter.

How do I track my order?

We have arranged a special tracking service with our transporter DHL, who provide a tracking number when you log into You can also contact our teams to track your delivery.

Can I change my delivery address?

You can contact our Delivery department to change your delivery address providing your item has not yet been dispatched. Changes to your delivery address are no longer possible once the item has been dispatched.

Can I return an item I have purchased?

You have a legal cooling-off period of fourteen full days from receipt of the purchased item, when you can return it. If you have a complaint relating to an item not matching the online description, it must also be submitted to us within a maximum of fourteen full days of the item’s receipt, by email or recorded delivery letter with proof of receipt. All items must be returned unused, in the state in which they were sold and from the country to which the order was sent. Return shipping costs are payable by you. If you wish, we can organise this shipping. In that case, shipping costs (equal to shipping costs you paid for your purchase) will be deducted from the refunded amount.

What should I do if I do not receive my order?

Please contact our Delivery team if you have not received your item by the delivery date indicated on your order, and they will process your request immediately.