+General questions

Do I need to create an account to be able to buy and sell?

You don't have to create an account to buy or sell on our website.
Creating a Collector Square account enables you to track your sales and purchases and also to get access to our previews.

How do you ensure my personal data stays secure?

Collector Square undertakes to keep all of its members' (both sellers and buyers) nominative data private and never to reveal it unless receiving an express request from legal or regulatory authorities, which is mostly requested when investigating a possible criminal offence. Bank card data is never stored.

See more details by clicking on this link: www.collectorsquare.com/en/privacy-policy

How are the items insured?

Collector Square has its own insurance to cover any incidents that may occur during shipping, provided that the latter is arranged by Collector Square through its courier partners.
All items are insured against theft and accidental damage up to their purchase price or net sales price.

+I want to buy an item

How do I buy an item on Collector Square?

You can make a purchase by clicking on "Buy" and simply following the steps that appear afterwards. Your purchase is confirmed once you have paid and have received an email with your order confirmation.

What payment methods does Collector Square accept and how secure are they?

Collector Square gives you the option of securely paying for your purchases by Visa or Mastercard (using the 3D-Secure system), or by American Express or PayPal.

You can also pay by bank transfer using the bank details that appear during the purchase process.

Which countries does Collector Square deliver items to?

Collector Square delivers worldwide.

For countries outside the European Union, customs fees will be applied. You must cover these specific taxes. You will be invoiced for these by the courier we used for shipping.

If you choose a delivery address outside the European Union, you will have to pay any duties and taxes due upon receipt of your package. You are entirely responsible for these and they are not refundable. You will be invoiced for these by the courier that we choose to ship your item.

How will the item I bought on Collector Square be delivered to me (delivery time, fees, means of delivery)?

The item you have purchased on our site will be shipped via registered post within 24 hours to the delivery address you have indicated.

You will receive your secure and insured package from a professional courier, between 9 am and 6 pm from Monday to Friday:

  • France: €30, within 2 working days (6 days for Corsica)
  • Europe: €40, within 2 working days
  • Rest of the world: €90, within 6 to 8 working days
  • These fees may evolve above €15,000

What kind of duties and taxes will I have to pay?

For all purchases outside the European Union, additional customs fees may be requested from you by the courier we have selected. They will ask you for these fees on delivery. You will also have to pay import VAT.

How do I track my order?

You can track your order directly via our courier's website (UPS or DHL) using the tracking number you will be sent by email.
You can also contact our customer service at +33 (0) 1 46 34 35 30 for any questions.

Can I change my delivery address?

You can change your delivery address before your order is confirmed.
Once your item has been shipped, you will not be able to change your delivery address.

For any further information, please contact our teams as soon as possible.

Can I return a purchased item?

You have a legal right of withdrawal which is valid for 14 days following your receipt of an item purchased online.

Also, any claims relating to a product which does not match the description must be lodged within a maximum of 14 clear days from receiving it and must be addressed to our services by email or registered post with acknowledgement of delivery.

All items must be returned unused, in their original condition, must still match the description and must be from the country to which the order was sent.
You are responsible for paying the return shipping fees. If you wish, we can arrange the return shipping, in which case the return fees (just like the shipping fees) will be deducted from the refund you are given.

The regulatory withdrawal form template (Decree No. 2016-884 of 29 June, 2016 relating to the French Consumer Code) can be accessed, downloaded and printed on the site.

What should I do if I don't receive my order?

If you do not receive your item after the delivery period that was indicated during your order, please contact our services by phone at +33 (0) 1 46 34 35 30.

Our teams will process your request as soon as possible.

+I want to sell an item

How do I list an item for sale on Collector Square?

You can directly list an item for sale by filling in the expert form available on our website:

Our experts determine a fair value for your item based on its condition and will respond to you within 48 working hours.
You may be offered 2 options:

  • Consignment sale: a fixed commission of 35% with payment due after the sale
  • Instant purchase: faster payment.

If the item is selected by our experts and chosen to be listed for sale by Collector Square, our team will send you a sales offer that you can either accept or refuse, accompanied by a deposit slip.

To accept this offer, all you have to do is send us a confirmation of acceptance by email. You will receive an email with a deposit slip to sign and attach to your package as well as a DHL or UPS label.

Should you accept, we schedule a courier to pick up your items directly from your home.
Our insurance covers shipping. The fees are prepaid by Collector Square and will be deducted from your total sale price

  • €30 from France
  • €40 from Europe
  • €90 for other areas

You also have the option of shipping your items yourself or dropping them off at the showroom by appointment.
When Collector Square receives your item, a definitive appraisal will follow confirming the estimate and the sales conditions.

What is Collector Square's commission for selling an item?

Collector Square's commission is a one-off transparent fee, amounting to 35% of the sales price of your item if you pick the consignment option.

How are the items appraised by Collector Square?

Each item chosen by Collector Square is appraised before being listed for sale by our experts and specialists.
The online expert form is used for an initial examination which is then physically confirmed by our experts upon receipt of the package.

Who pays for the shipping of the item I'm listing through Collector Square?

If you wish, Collector Square will prepay your item's shipping fees.

If you accept the sale and if the sale goes through, the prepaid shipping fees will be taken out of the sale price (€30 for France, €40 for Europe, and based on an estimate for other regions).

If you agree to the sale and the item is not sold after 90 days (after it was listed for sale for the first time), you can get your item back upon request.

If you refuse Collector Square's sale offer, your item will be sent back to you.

Who is responsible for listing my item online? When will it be uploaded?

Collector Square covers all of the online side of the sales listing and puts the item up for sale within 1 week. This includes writing the item's description in 5 languages right down to taking the photos.

Who gets in contact with the buyer of the item I listed for sale with Collector Square?

The relationship with the buyer is entirely handled by Collector Square through a dedicated Customer Service department.

When and how am I paid once the item is sold?

You will be paid by Collector Square after the buyer's legal withdrawal period expires (14 clear days from receipt of the purchased item) and within a maximum of 20 working days following payment by the buyer.
You will be paid via bank transfer.

What happens if the item I listed for sale via Collector Square remains unsold?

75% of items are sold in under 1 month.

If the item is still available for sale after 90 days, Collector Square will offer you the option of changing the original selling price, which you will be free to approve or reject. In such cases, you can get your item back on request.
It can also be shipped back to you at Collector Square's expense (excluding any pre-sales fees).

Can I withdraw an item from sale that I have listed through Collector Square?

By validating the sales offer and returning the signed sales contract, you accept that your item will be listed for sale on our site for 90 days.

You will only be able to retrieve your item on request if it is unsold at the end of the legal period of 90 days. It will then be returned to you at Collector Square's expense.


Contact our customer service:
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