The history of Chanel jewellery

Chanel jewellery

The Chanel House, and its founder Gabrielle Chanel, are often associated with simplicity, sober lines, and sleek sophistication. But this simplicity is not stripped and does not renounce some form of precious exuberance. Gabrielle Chanel especially loved buttons on clothing being treated like jewellery, metal chains, ear clips, and the bow pattern…

Free and iconoclastic, Gabrielle Chanel was the first to give the jewel called “fantasy” its letters of nobility, with rows of false and sumptuous pearls, the interpretation always renewed from the camellia, the stacking of rich and long necklaces, bracelets with charms and luxury pieces... Coco Chanel launched her jewellery workshop in 1924 and signed her first jewellery collection in 1932, not hesitating to invest all jewels with the same audacity, blowing a new wind into the world of jewellery.

From the end of the 1980s to 2007, the House of Chanel appealed the talent of the jeweller Lorenz Bäumer to revive the spirit of Chanel jewellery, to revisit the House’s classics, and to design new collections. Even today, Chanel jewellery is inspired by Coco Chanel’s world: the quilting of the bags, chains, camellia, charms, pearls, stars... mixing precious and semi-precious stones, gold, and ceramic.

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