The history of Fred jewellery

Fred jewellery

The House’s originator, Fred Samuel, the son of a Lorrain jeweller, was born in Buenos Aires in 1908, and his Latin American influence would be the driving force of his life and his creation.

The Fred signature is first marked by the use of pearls. These small pearl beads would give Fred Samuel his place in the world of jewellery. The arrival of Japanese cultured pearls would become one of these specialties, giving him the status of a true expert and collector, possessing some of the finest, very slightly pinkish specimens that is referred to as the colour Fred today.

Coloured stones are also an integral part of the Fred signature. The vibrant lights of South America shine, thanks to this passion for colour. This region of the world is a vibrant source of extraordinary gems such as emerald, aquamarine, and amethyst. This love of stones reached its peak in 1977, when Fred Samuel presented the Golden Sun, a daffodil-coloured diamond weighing 105.54 carats, considered to be one of the most extraordinary in the world.

The influence of the sea is also ubiquitous in the brand’s creations, on of Samuel Fred’s unconditional passions that he would transmit to his two sons through sailing. One of them had the bold idea of braiding a marine cable and attaching it to the end of a shackle to make a bracelet as a gift to his wife. It was in 1966 that the Force 10 (a reference to wind storms) collection was born.

”How do I move away from the beauty of the stones, when as a child I dreamed of jade, amber, and coral, when I wondered where the strange names came from, lapis lazuli, hawk's eye, tortoiseshell, when I imagined searching for aventurine or moonstone..." Quoted from “Mémoires d'un joaillier” ("Memoirs of a Jeweller") by Fred Samuel.

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