The history of Cartier Trinity

Cartier Trinity jewellery

A signature Cartier collection, Trinity is one of the most iconic collections in French jewellery.

It was created by Louis Cartier based on a drawing by Jean Cocteau in 1924. Instantly recognisable with its three interwoven triple gold bands (yellow, pink and white gold), the Cartier Trinity collection is the timeless symbol of love, faithfulness and friendship. The decidedly modern and understated lines of the Cartier Trinity collection make it a must-have.

The Cartier Trinity collection is available in a triple gold version, paved with diamonds, or in ceramic or platinum. The Cartier Trinity collection can be worn as a ring, bracelet, necklace, earrings or a pendant or cufflinks. This classic design is unmissable on the second-hand market. Ideal as a wedding ring, the Cartier Trinity collection will seal your commitment with elegance and originality.

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