The history of Hermès jewellery

Hermès jewellery

Hermès jewellery entertains the codes of the famous House, originally specializing in saddlery and leather goods: bits, chains, stirrups, padlocks, clasps, the whip, the precious skins and their scales, and the art of fasteners and attachment. Hermes plays with the world of the horse, the sea, and a more ethnic inspiration that it revisits with minimalism.

Sophisticated in purity and always linked to the simplicity of lines, Hermès jewellery is worn in daily life without ostentation. They combine metals and stones with the most atypical materials in the world of jewellery: leather, horn, enamel, lacquer, crystal, etc...

A special place is given to silver that shines both refined and sober, very “Hermès,” lending itself to the virtuous creation of brushed chains and earrings. With these very characteristic pieces of art from Hermès, the clasp becomes a motif, the clip is at the heart of the jewel and is often the only "gem." Some pieces have become Hermès classics: the “anchor chain” bracelet created in 1937 and the “Mors” bracelet. The famous shoemaker Pierre Hardy, already the artistic director of the shoe line for Hermès, brings this legacy of design and inspiration to life and now designs Hermes jewellery.

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