Leather Goods Service Center

Our services

Before any service, one of our service center managers will determine the feasibility
of the service to avoid compromising the integrity and authenticity of the item.
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Whether you are getting ready to sell your bag or simply need it cleaned, our service center offers a full cleaning service for any type of leather, fabric, or exotic bag.


Have a seam in need of repair? Need to replace a damaged part? Our service center offers a range of repair services for your bag.
A watch workshop at Collector Square
A watch workshop at Collector Square

Other Services

Please contact our customer service department and view our list of services for any other special request.


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• To preserve your bag's original shape, avoid overloading your bag.
• Keep your beauty products (hand lotion, sunscreen, antiseptic solution, cosmetics, perfume, etc.) and pens in a closed pouch to avoid any contact with your bag.
• In case of rain, it is best to protect your bag with a waterproof cover.

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• We recommend lining your bag with tissue paper and storing it in its original covering and/or box to preserve its shape and hold.
• Store your bag in a dry place at room temperature.
• Considering the precious nature of exotic skins (crocodile, varan, alligator, lizard, python, shagreen, etc.), we strongly recommend visiting our service center for any service you may need.

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• To preserve your bag's handles, accessorize them with a silk scarf.
• It is best to place your bag on a seat or chair to avoid direct contact with the ground.