The history of Boucheron jewellery

Boucheron jewellery

Since the creation of the House in 1858, the ambitious and innovative Frédéric Boucheron asserted himself like an enlightened spirit on a perpetual quest for excellence and creation. Starting out by looking for the most impressive precious stones, he mastered jewellery making with a new and daring style. Boucheron creations were very quickly noticed and valued at the World’s Fairs, mainly in 1867 and 1878.

In 1893, the Boucheron House moved from the Palais Royal to 26 Place Vendome. According to legend, Frédérique Boucheron, was fascinated by light and chose this location for its incredible exposure, thus allowing the stones to be appreciated in their best light. Boucheron was the first jewellery House to open on this square, establishing it as the temple of high French jewellery.

The snake is omnipresent in Boucheron collections, from "Serpent Bohême" to "Trouble", its sensual curves have glorified women with grace for more than a century. The floral theme is also one of the predilections of the Boucheron House, both candid and insolent with collections like “Beauté Dangereuse.”

An emblem of the work of the Boucheron House, an alchemist of precious metals, work with gold is of major importance. From gold, chocolate, pink, or grey colours, to the most unexpected textures, diamond points, gadroons or grains, the Boucheron craftsmen jewellers transform into Haute Couture designers, offering us exceptionally lightweight pieces.

"The Boucheron style follows life," an art critic declared in the 1890s. This expression nicely illustrates the artistic impression of the House. Even today, the Boucheron House perpetuates the themes dear to their founder, Frédérique.

With the strength of this radiance and requirement, today’s Boucheron creations will become the timeless jewellery of tomorrow.

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