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Collector Square authentication and Hermès marking guide

Collector Square offers you more than 700 Hermès bags, which, after being carefully selected for their perfect condition and desirability, are appraised and authenticated by our expert Jérôme Lalande. Jérôme Lalande is renowned for his expertise on all Hermès items and fine leather goods, all brands combined. He has been working with Hermès for more than twenty years.

In most cases, Hermès leather bags have a "stamp" from Hermès that allows for precise dating of the bag. This marking consists of a letter used in alphabetical order by the Hermès. From 1971, this letter is associated with a shape : a circle or a square. The additional numbers or letters that may appear next to this marking give additional information about the Hermès workshop.

You will find a guide to these markings below:

Circle 1971 A, 1972 B, 1973 C, 1974 D, 1975 E, 1976 F, 1977 G, 1978 H, 1979 I, 1980 J, 1981 K, 1982 L, 1983 M, 1984 N, 1985 O, 1986 P, 1987 Q, 1988 R, 1989 S, 1990 T, 1991 U, 1992 V, 1993 W, 1994 X, 1995 Y, 1996 Z
Square 1997 A, 1998 B, 1999 C, 2000 D, 2001 E, 2002 F, 2003 G, 2004 H, 2005 I, 2006 J, 2007 K, 2008 L, 2009 M, 2010 N, 2011 O*, 2012 P, 2013 Q, 2014 R (late production had no square), 2015 T (no square), 2016 X (no square), 2017 A (no square) , 2018 C (no square), 2019 D (no square), 2020 Y (no square)

Note that the stamp on some Hermès handbags can sometimes be harder to read, illegible and in some cases the code may even have disappeared.

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