Watch Service Center

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The Watch Service Center is located at Collector Square's main location.
Before any service, one of our service center managers will determine the feasibility of the service
to avoid compromising the integrity and authenticity of the item.
A watch workshop at Collector Square

Movement checking and authentication

Each watch is opened and examined by our watchmakers and our resident watch expert. The movement is checked to ensure its authenticity with respect to the model of the watch and the period in which it was made.

Water resistance
test and certificate

Our watchmakers test the resistance of the watch to water pressure. A water resistance certificate is then issued.
A watch workshop at Collector Square
A watch workshop at Collector Square


The case and bracelet are cleaned then polished, taking care not to diminish the quality of the patina present on certain vintage watches. The movements are refurbished and each component lubricated.

1-year warranty

Any part that proves defective due to a manufacturing fault or due to faulty workmanship will be repaired and replaced free of charge at the Collector Square watch workshop.


A watch workshop at Collector Square

For an automatic watch

An automatic watch is wound naturally by the movements of the wrist.
If you're not wearing it for several days, it's a good idea to wind it manually by turning the crown a few times.

A watch workshop at Collector Square

For a mechanical watch

A mechanical watch has to be wound every day with the crown and has a power reserve of 36 to 48 hours.

A watch workshop at Collector Square

For a quartz watch

The quartz movement is the most accurate and durable movement. It requires no daily intervention and operates with a battery that we recommend changing every two years.