Data collector

Personal data is collected by Collector Square whose address is 36 boulevard Raspail, 75007 Paris – France. Data which may be collected from the website. Collector Square collects and processes the following data: email, marital status, given name, surname, country, password, addresses, telephone number(s), IP address, connection data and browsing data, ordering history, transactions, complaints, incidents, information relating to delivery, correspondence via our website and our
Certain data are collected automatically from your activity on the website (see the paragraph regarding cookies).
We collect the information which you provide us notably during:

  • the creation of an account,
  • the purchase or sale of an item,
  • browsing or visiting the website,
  • participation in a prize competition,
  • contact with customer service.

Data recipients

The data collected on the website are intended for Collector Square. They may be transmitted to subcontracting firms which Collector Square may consult within the framework of its services particularly our partner for secure payments, Ogone-Ingenico e-Commerce Solutions SAS - 28-32 Boulevard de Grenelle – F-75015 Paris – France. Collector Square neither sells nor leases your personal data to third parties without your formal consent.


The principle objective for the collection of your data is to offer you a safe, optimal, efficient and personalized experience. You agree that we may use your personal data to:

  • furnish services,
  • resolve eventual problems and disputes,
  • personalize, evaluate, improve our service and content,
  • inform you about our services and those of our partners, through targeted marketing and/for promotional offers,
  • to deter, detect and investigate on all potentially forbidden and illegal activities and to apply our general terms of sale and use,
  • respect our statutory and regulatory obligations.


Cookies are files saved on the hard drive of your computer while browsing our website on the internet. A cookie does not serve to collect personal data without your knowledge, but records information related to your browsing on the website, which may be directly consulted by Collector Square during your visits and later requests on the website (such as, for example: the pages you visited, or the date and hour you visited these pages). By default, the cookies are not automatically stored (with the exception of those required for the operation of the Collector Square website). In accordance with applicable regulations, Collector Square requires your authorization before installing any other type of cookies. In order to avoid any annoyance caused by these systematic requests for authorization, and to profit from uninterrupted browsing, we can register your acceptance or refusal in regards to certain cookies. When you access third party sites, advertising on the Collector Square website, by clicking on their advertisement banners or links or while consulting them, cookies may be installed by the companies displaying these advertisements. These third parties are able to use cookies within the framework of Collector Square services (partners, advertisers or other third parties supplying content or services available on the website) are responsible for the cookies that they install and it is their conditions relative to these cookies that apply. Collector Square declines all responsibility for the eventual use of cookies by these third parties. For more precise details, concerning their use of cookies, you are advised to consult the policies of these advertisers directly on their websites.

Your rights according to the Data Protection and Freedom of Information Law

In accordance with the Data Protection and Freedom of Information Law of January 6th, 178 modified, you have the right to access and rectification of data relating to you, which you may exercise with Collector Square, via email at the address: You may, with a legitimate motive, also oppose the processing of your data. In accordance with the regulations in force, your request must be signed and accompanied by a photocopy of an identity card carrying your signature and indicating the address where the reply should be sent.

Banking data and command analysis system (fraud detection)

Banking information in relation with your order are subject of automated data processing where officials are Ogone-Ingenico e-Commerce Solutions SAS - 28-32 Boulevard de Grenelle – F-75015 Paris – France and the GIE Banking Card in the context of 3D Secure protocol. This automated data processing is intended to allow people authentication carrying out a payment and to fight against credit card fraud. The occurrence of unpaid invoices due to fraudulent use of a credit card will result in registering coordinates in relation with your order associated to this payment within a payment incident file implemented by GIE Bankcard. An irregular declaration or anomaly may also be subject to a specific process (including fraud detection purposes) - Processes n°773061 and n°1080905 - 39, rue Saint-Lazare, 75009 PARIS or GIE Credit Card : whose address is : 151 Bis Rue Saint-Honoré, 75001 Paris.

CNIL Declaration

Collector Square advises its clients that this processing of data was registered under the CNIL with the number 16448964.