The history of Hermès watches

Hermès watches

The Hermès brand was founded in 1801 by Thierry Hermès. He began by specialising in harness and equipment for horses and diversified into leather goods.

Just 100 years after the creation of the brand, it began to move into luxury watch making.

In 1928, the first Hermès commercial watch design appeared on the market: the Ermeto, made by the Swiss company, Movado.

Over the years, Hermès used numerous manufacturers, including Jaeger and Vacheron Constantin.

From 1975, the Hermès Kelly watch became an icon with its padlock directly inspired by the famous Kelly bag, already worn by numerous women worldwide.

The Montre Hermès SA company was formed in 1978. It was a true watch manufacturer, making and selling all of Hermès’ watch collections. The most famous watch designs were then created including the stirrup-shaped Arceau watch, the Clipper in 1981 with its porthole shaped bezel that evoked the sea, the Cape Cod in 1991, the Heure H in 1997 and the Dressage in 2003.

Hermès is still producing these designs today bringing contemporary touches that mix tradition and modernity.

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