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Jaeger Lecoultre


Find the 7,891 Jaeger Lecoultre results sold in major auction houses by consulting the catalog of models and collections


Jaeger Lecoultre History

Founded in 1833 in the Joux valley, the Manufacture Jaeger-LeCoultre is one of the most important players in the history of Swiss watchmaking. The brand gradually developed under the guidance of its founder, Antoine LeCoultre. The first patented mechanisms appeared and the keyless watch changed the lives of watch-wearers.

In 1866, LeCoultre & Cie became the first fully-fledged factory in the Joux valley, bringing together a range of watchmaking skills under one roof.

In 1870, the firm LeCoultre manufactured calibres with complications in small production runs.

In 1903 came the decisive meeting between Edmond Jaeger and Jacques-David LeCoultre. Edmond Jaeger, then a master watchmaker in Paris and Watchmaker to the French Navy, specialising in the development of devices for measuring speed (stopwatches, tachymetres and counters for aeroplanes, ships and cars). The collaboration between the two men was cemented in 1937, with the creation of the Jaeger-LeCoultre brand, which

went on to launch numerous successful models. In 1928, Jean-Léon Reutter invented the Atmos clock, which was perfected and manufactured in the Jaeger-LeCoultre workshops. This beautifully designed clock extracts its energy from the variations in temperature. In 1931, the world famous Reverso watch was created by René Alfred Chauvet. This watch was designed at the request of polo players tired of breaking their dial during matches. Jaeger-LeCoultre developed a fully pivoting case, closing with a click. The caseback can be engraved or enamelled on request, making it precious and unique. The model was an immediate success.

Subsequent years saw the release of other legendary models, including the Mémovox (alarm watch), the Futurematic, the Geophysic, the Master Compressor and the Master Control and, more recently, the Duomètre – all models perpetuating the firm's heritage of expertise and technical perfection.

Jaeger Lecoultre
For sale on Collector Square

Main models Jaeger-LeCoultre

Ados (37 sales results)
Amvox (70 sales results)
Amvox1 (19 sales results)
Amvox2 (13 sales results)
Atmos (673 sales results)
Atmos Mysterieuse (7 sales results)
Autres pendules (138 sales results)
Duomètre Chronographe (17 sales results)
Duoplan (116 sales results)
Etrier (84 sales results)
Etrier Hermes (30 sales results)
Futurematic (67 sales results)
Gyrotourbillon (11 sales results)
Haute Joaillerie-101 (7 sales results)
Haute Joaillerie-Master Control (6 sales results)
Haute Joaillerie-Master Minute Repeater (23 sales results)
Haute-Joaillerie (59 sales results)
Ideale (9 sales results)
Kryos Chronographe (20 sales results)
Master Compressor (94 sales results)
Master Compressor Diving Gmt (8 sales results)
Master Compressor Dualmatic (14 sales results)
Master Compressor Geographic (23 sales results)
Master Compressor-Chronograph (17 sales results)
Master Compressor-Diving (6 sales results)
Master Compressor-Extrem (34 sales results)
Master Control (126 sales results)
Master Control Calendar (90 sales results)
Master Control-Eight Days (53 sales results)
Master Control-Geographic (127 sales results)
Master Control-Grand Reveil (71 sales results)
Master Control-Reserve De Marche (45 sales results)
Master Control-Tourbillon (25 sales results)
Master Mariner (21 sales results)
Master Memovox (462 sales results)
Master Memovox Travel Clock (9 sales results)
Master Ultra Thin (42 sales results)
Memovox Deep Sea (8 sales results)
Memovox-Polaris (39 sales results)
Montre de dame Vintage (7 sales results)
Odysseus (42 sales results)
Pendule Baguette (43 sales results)
Réserve de Marche Vintage (20 sales results)
Reverso (938 sales results)
Reverso Géographique (28 sales results)
Reverso Gran' Sport (74 sales results)
Reverso Grande Automatique (6 sales results)
Reverso Grande Date (21 sales results)
Reverso Grande Gmt (12 sales results)
Reverso Grande Sun Moon (46 sales results)
Reverso Grande Taille (10 sales results)
Reverso Lady (11 sales results)
Reverso Memory (13 sales results)
Reverso Squadra Chronograph Gmt (7 sales results)
Reverso Staybrite (17 sales results)
Reverso Tourbillon (66 sales results)
Reverso-Duetto (45 sales results)
Reverso-Duoface (115 sales results)
Reverso-Joaillerie (21 sales results)
Reverso-Squadra (43 sales results)
Tricompaxe (15 sales results)
Uniplan (106 sales results)
Vintage (109 sales results)

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