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Find the 7,070 Omega results sold in major auction houses by consulting the catalog of models and collections


Omega History

In 1848, Louis Brandt set up a watchmaking company in La Chaux-de-Fonds, Switzerland, which he registered as an “assembly workshop”. The dealer bought the various watch parts, rough movement and pocket watch case and distributed them between various workshops for assembly and finishing. The shortcomings of this system of subcontracting soon became clear, since watches’ quality and delivery time were very erratic.

Louis Brandt decided to perfect his apprenticeship in watchmaking schools in Germany and England.

His son, Louis-Paul, joined the company in 1877, changing its name to Louis Brandt & Fils.

Two years later, in 1879, Louis Brandt died and his two sons, Louis-Paul and César, teamed up to create a firm including all activities and industrialising production, which had previously been dispersed.

The first calibre produced by the firm was released in 1880, leading to several brands including Jura, Patria, Helvetia, Decimal and Gurzelen.

The firm achieved immense success and by 1886 it was producing 100,000 watches a year, had opened its first branch in Paris and employed 600 people.

In 1894, the Omega 19 calibre was released and its low price and perfection made it an immediate hit. The "Omega" brand was registered.

A whole series of innovations followed until 1909, when Omega was selected to provide timekeeping for the Gordon Bennett Cup balloon race. Business slowed down for Omega with the industrial crisis in watchmaking and the First World Was then disorganised production.

Omega recovered and launched two calibres which achieved immediate success. Two years later, Omega teamed up with Tissot and they shared the watchmaking market.

In 1932, Omega was asked exclusively to provide timekeeping for the Olympic Games in Los Angeles, following its takeover of Lemania Watch and Co, a specialist in on-board instruments for the automobile and aviation sectors.

In 1943, the brand launched the Omega Automatique and became the first official watch supplier to the British Air Force.

For sale on Collector Square

Main models Omega

Chronograph (37 sales results)
Chronometer (35 sales results)
Chronostop (38 sales results)
Constellation (710 sales results)
Constellation Double Eagle (11 sales results)
De Ville (282 sales results)
De Ville Chronographe Co-Axial (8 sales results)
De Ville Chronometer (15 sales results)
De Ville Co-Axial Chronometer (11 sales results)
De Ville Co-Axial Gmt (7 sales results)
De Ville Co-Axial Rattrapante (6 sales results)
Dynamic (98 sales results)
Flightmaster (70 sales results)
Hour Vision (9 sales results)
Jewellery (43 sales results)
Museum cosmic (67 sales results)
Olympic Collection (48 sales results)
Omega Vintage (125 sales results)
Planet Ocean (15 sales results)
Railmaster (34 sales results)
Ranchero (33 sales results)
Seamaster (710 sales results)
Seamaster 1000 (12 sales results)
Seamaster 120 (26 sales results)
Seamaster 200 (9 sales results)
Seamaster 300 M (50 sales results)
Seamaster 300 M Chrono Diver (8 sales results)
Seamaster 600 (7 sales results)
Seamaster Anakin Skywalker (11 sales results)
Seamaster Aqua Terra (17 sales results)
Seamaster Automatic (42 sales results)
Seamaster Bullhead (9 sales results)
Seamaster Calendar (20 sales results)
Seamaster Chronostop (10 sales results)
Seamaster Cosmic (36 sales results)
Seamaster Memomatic (20 sales results)
Seamaster Planet Ocean (14 sales results)
Seamaster Plo Prof (55 sales results)
Speedmaster (410 sales results)
Speedmaster Apollo (98 sales results)
Speedmaster Automatic (82 sales results)
Speedmaster Broad Arrow (66 sales results)
Speedmaster Date (126 sales results)
Speedmaster Day Date (56 sales results)
Speedmaster Decimal (10 sales results)
Speedmaster Limited Edition (23 sales results)
Speedmaster Pre-Moon (98 sales results)
Speedmaster Professional (190 sales results)
Speedmaster Professional Moonwatch (46 sales results)
Speedmaster Skylab (12 sales results)
Speedmaster Snoopy Award (18 sales results)
Speedmaster Speedsonic (26 sales results)
The Museum Collection (133 sales results)

The Omega Speedmaster rating

Receive freely by email the LuxPrice-index© analysis report on the evolution of Omega Speedmaster watches rating

The Omega Speedmaster rating

Receive freely by email the LuxPrice-index© analysis report on the evolution of Omega Speedmaster watches rating

The Omega Speedmaster rating

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