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Patek Philippe


Find the 25,065 Patek Philippe results sold in major auction houses by consulting the catalog of models and collections


Patek Philippe History

Collectors of high-quality watches adore Patek Philippe. The price of these watches, which symbolise excellence, have been unaffected by the crisis.

The firm, founded in Geneva, the traditional home of fine watchmaking, in 1839, is among the most prestigious luxury brands in the world.

Initially bearing the name of its two historic founders, Patek and Czapek, it was only in 1851 that it was given its current name, “Patek Philippe”. This name resulted from a collaboration between two men, Antoine Norbert de Patek and Adrien Philippe, who was appointed the brand’s technical director when Czapek left.

A decisive turning point for the firm – which had by then been renamed "Ancienne Manufacture d’Horlogerie Patek Philippe & Cie, S. A." in 1902 – came in 1932 when it was taken over by the Stern family, which is still the sole owner. The Stern family developed numerous watches with large complications, including the Beta 21 calibre quartz watch in 1989 and, for the brand’s 150th anniversary, the calibre 89, the largest complication in the world. In 2000, the Star Caliber 2000 was developed.

Emblematic models such as the Calatrava, the Ellipse, the Aquanaut and the Nautilus reflect age-old watchmaking expertise, which has retained all its creative freedom.

A combination of refinement and advanced technology, Patek Philippe is the brand most appreciated by specialists, as well as one of the most-sold brands on the internet, setting auction records.

Patek Philippe
For sale on Collector Square

Main models Patek Philippe

10 Day Tourbillon (40 sales results)
10-Hour-Tourbillon (196 sales results)
Amagnetic (91 sales results)
Aquanaut (226 sales results)
Banana (45 sales results)
Calatrava (3702 sales results)
Calatrava Chronograph (469 sales results)
Calatrava Clous De Paris (409 sales results)
Calatrava Disco-Volante (89 sales results)
Calatrava Lady (71 sales results)
Calatrava Officier (287 sales results)
Calatrava Travel Time (189 sales results)
Celestial (59 sales results)
Chronographe (158 sales results)
Complicated Watches (953 sales results)
Cortina (12 sales results)
Eiffel Tower (21 sales results)
Ellipse (414 sales results)
Ellipse Beta 21 (15 sales results)
Ellipse Lady (237 sales results)
Golden Ellipse (492 sales results)
Gondolo (830 sales results)
Gondolo Gemma (29 sales results)
Grande Complication (1990 sales results)
Hour Glass (170 sales results)
Hunter Pocket Watch (57 sales results)
Iraqi Eagle (9 sales results)
Jewellery (314 sales results)
La Flamme (45 sales results)
Lepine Pocket Watch (301 sales results)
Les Grecques (11 sales results)
Les Impériales (14 sales results)
Manta Ray (35 sales results)
Nautilus (825 sales results)
Naviquartz (80 sales results)
Neptune (107 sales results)
Pagoda (202 sales results)
Patek Limited Edition (127 sales results)
Patek Philippe Rectangular (276 sales results)
Patek Philippe Squelette (65 sales results)
Patek Vintage (564 sales results)
Pendulettes (64 sales results)
Ricochet (70 sales results)
Sincere (28 sales results)
T 150 Tiffany (37 sales results)
Tegolino (25 sales results)
Tiffany (571 sales results)
Top Hat (109 sales results)
Twenty Four (82 sales results)
Wempe (52 sales results)
World Time (365 sales results)

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