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Find the 21,814 Rolex results sold in major auction houses by consulting the catalog of models and collections


Rolex History

A symbol of luxury and excellence, the famous Swiss watchmaking brand Rolex started out in business in 1905, headed by Hans Wilsdorf. The company’s founder revolutionised the world of watchmaking by inventing the wristwatch, which would gradually come to replace the fob watch and the pocket watch.

In 1908, Wilsdorf renamed his company Rolex, a short name that was easy to pronounce in all languages, reflecting his ambition to make the brand a global success.

Rolex watches stand out for their technical performance.

1926 saw the release of the first completely waterproof case, resistant to sudden temperature changes and dust. The Oyster collection is characterised by the "sport-chic" style. A young swimmer from London swam across the channel wearing an Oyster model on her wrist, sparking immediate success and proving the watches’ water-tightness.

The Oyster was released in a number of models over subsequent years: • 1945 – the Oyster Perpetual Datejust, displaying the date for the first time • 1953 – the Oyster Perpetual Submariner, the first diving model water-resistant to 100m. The same year saw the release of the Explorer, a model resistant to extreme temperatures and sudden changes in temperature. • 1954 – the Oyster Perpetual GMT Master, this pilot’s watch displays the time in two time zones (at 3 o’clock and 6 o’clock) • 1956 – Oyster Perpetual Day Date, featuring the date plus the day of the week • 1960 – introducing the Cosmograph featuring a tachymetric scale on the bezel • 1967 – the Deepsea, the ultimate diving watch, waterproof and fitted with a helium release valve. • In 1971, the Explorer II speleologists (potholers) with 24-hour display on the fixed bezel

Other models also introduced novel features: the Turn-o-graph, with bi-directional case and bezel, and the Milgauss, resistant to magnetic fields.

In 1960, Hans Wilsdorf died and André Heiniger took over at the helm of Rolex.

In 1992, André Heininger’s son took over the company and continues the strategy initiated by Hans Wilsdorf: high-quality watchmaking, sales skill and cutting-edge marketing.

The brand has now achieved such global success that wearing a Rolex is often seen as synonymous with social success.

The current Rolex collection includes 170 models with 3200 possible combinations.

For sale on Collector Square

Main models Rolex

Antimagnetic (202 sales results)
Cellini (330 sales results)
Cellinium (24 sales results)
Cellissima (106 sales results)
Cestello (21 sales results)
Chronographe Pocket Watch (7 sales results)
Danaos (11 sales results)
Datejust (1140 sales results)
Datejust Lady (757 sales results)
Datejust Turn O Graph (157 sales results)
Day-Date (1257 sales results)
Day-Date II (12 sales results)
Daytona Mécanique (829 sales results)
Daytona Automatique (1096 sales results)
Daytona Paul Newman (466 sales results)
Deepsea Sea Dweller (423 sales results)
Explorer (428 sales results)
Explorer II (262 sales results)
Gmt Master (790 sales results)
Gmt-Master II (263 sales results)
Jean-Claude Killy Chronograph (135 sales results)
King Midas (61 sales results)
Lady Datejust Pearlmaster (48 sales results)
Milgauss (265 sales results)
Montres Astronomiques (78 sales results)
Orchid (38 sales results)
Other Pocket Watch (17 sales results)
Oyster (671 sales results)
Oyster Chronograph Antimagnétique Monoblocco (81 sales results)
Oyster Date (6 sales results)
Oyster Date Precision (289 sales results)
Oyster Perpetual (978 sales results)
Oyster Perpetual Air King (226 sales results)
Oyster Perpetual Air King Date (29 sales results)
Oyster Perpetual Bubbleback (444 sales results)
Oyster Perpetual Chronometer (200 sales results)
Oyster Perpetual Date (457 sales results)
Oyster Precision (179 sales results)
Oyster Royal (61 sales results)
Oyster Speed King (52 sales results)
Oysterquartz Datejust (58 sales results)
Oysterquartz Day Date (100 sales results)
Padellone (114 sales results)
Piccolino (32 sales results)
Pré-Daytona (427 sales results)
Prima (21 sales results)
Prince (414 sales results)
Prince Cellini (32 sales results)
Prince Pocket Watch (32 sales results)
Rolex Chronographe (127 sales results)
Rolex Haute Joaillerie (46 sales results)
Rolex Precision (293 sales results)
Rolex Princess (15 sales results)
Rolex Staybrite (9 sales results)
Sea Dweller (38 sales results)
Sea Dweller Comex (43 sales results)
Steve Mcqueen Explorer II (195 sales results)
Submariner (906 sales results)
Submariner Comex (116 sales results)
Submariner Date (833 sales results)
Tru Beat (41 sales results)
Turn O Graph (83 sales results)
Yacht-Master (186 sales results)
Yacht-Master II (24 sales results)
Zephir (26 sales results)

The Rolex rating

Receive freely by email the LuxPrice-index© analysis report on the evolution of Rolex watches rating

The Rolex rating

Receive freely by email the LuxPrice-index© analysis report on the evolution of Rolex watches rating

The Rolex rating

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