The history of Burberry bags

Burberry bags

The story of the Burberry brand began in 1856. The 21 year old draper, Thomas Burberry, opened his first shop in the town of Basingstoke, England. Thomas Burberry specialised in outdoor clothing and in raincoats in particular which replaced the rubber raincoats of the time.

Gabardine was invented by Thomas Burberry in 1880. It was a fabric that was waterproofed before being woven.

Burberry opened his first London shop in 1891 and became Burberry & Sons.

Success was assured and the brand grew over time. English soldiers in the First World War wore his famous trench-coat. Burberry also supplied clothes to George V.

The famous Burberry Nova Check tartan first appeared in 1924. It was both fashionable and sober and came to define English style and represent the brand. This striped print would become the brand’s signature and would also be used in all Burberry bags, sometimes as a subtle touch and sometimes more full-on.

When Thomas Burberry died in 1926, his two sons took over the family business.

In 1955 Burberry became the official supplier to Queen Elizabeth II of England.

The brand continued to prosper before losing its market share due to a lack of innovation. The decline continued until the nineties when it finally managed to refresh its collections and adapt its designs for a more prestigious clientele.

Today, the brand continues to expand and open numerous shops throughout the world.

There are now a range of different Burberry collections aimed at different groups of clients: the high-end range (Burberry Prorsum), an affordable range (Burberry London), a young range (Burberry Brit, formerly called Thomas Burberry), Burberry Sport and Burberry for children.

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