The history of Prada bags

Prada bags

Mario Prada, who started his career as an artisan in leather goods, founded Fratelli Prada in Milan in 1913. He started with one shop but was soon busy with a chic, international clientele eager for his high quality leather goods.

Miuccia Prada, the granddaughter of the founder, joined the family company in the seventies and signed an agreement with a company specialising in leather accessories to produce Prada leather goods and develop the brand. Miuccia injected a fashionable, relaxed spirit that enabled the brand to take off.

Prada launched its nylon bags with the embroidered brand logo in 1985, Prada style was born and would soon become indispensable.

The first Prada shoe collection appeared in 1983, followed by the first women’s clothing collection in 1988.

The Miu Miu label was launched in 1993, followed by the Prada menswear collection in the following year. The first Prada perfumes appeared in 2000.

The Prada brand is avant-garde, elegant and youthful and is now a standard in the world of luxury. The brand is non-conformist and reflects the current mood, mixing fur and sequins, preppy and femme fatale styles, and kitsch and classic textiles. You can wear Prada and look both classy and off-beat and the fashionistas can’t get enough of it.

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