The history of Valentino Garavani bags

Valentino Garavani bags

The Italian brand Valentino was established in 1960 by Valentino Garavani. After studying at the l'Ecole syndicale de la couture, Valentino moved to Rome and opened his first workshop in 1960. He presented his first fashion show in Florence two years later.

Success came quickly, and in 1968, Jacqueline Kennedy wore a Valentino outfit at her wedding.

Since then, the Valentino brand has continued to grow throughout the world, including in different segments of fashion, such as cosmetics, accessories, and interior design.

The first line of Valentino Haute Couture bags was launched in 2008. In line with the brand’s clothing collections, Valentino bags convey a woman’s glamour and refined image. With bright colours and extravagant details, Valentino bags embody the values of current women: smart, seductive, and modern. Carried by many film stars and fashion celebrities, Valentino bags come in many models and often exotic materials.

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