The history of Boucheron Trouble

Boucheron Trouble jewellery

With sinuous and sensual lines, a gesture of eternal love in a modern yet provocative collection, the House of Boucheron and its feminine, reptilian sensuality still have plenty of surprises up their sleeve with the “Trouble” collection.

The iconography of the serpent is a symbol of the House of Boucheron, even featuring in its monogrammed logo, wrapped around the initial B. In the wake of the Serpent Boheme Collection, the great high-end jeweler, Boucheron, once again reveals a new interpretation of its emblematic mascot in another characterful form.

The exotic nature of the Trouble Collection engenders a longing to travel, leading us toward distant horizons. The Asian influence makes itself felt through the use of precious materials such as the imperial jade stone in a multitude of colors from violet to gray.

The strong and enduring link between Boucheron and Asia has existed for decades, having been initiated by Frederic Boucheron, founder of the House of Boucheron, and his multiple voyages in search of fabulous stones as well as shared aesthetic taste for minimalist luxury.

The Trouble collection is powerfully moving and faithful to the spirit of the House of Boucheron, with emotion that crosses the generations and cultures in keeping with the jeweler’s radiant outlook as a wandering soul in search of a stylish metamorphosis.

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