The history of Bulgari Chandra

Bulgari Chandra jewellery

"Our creations have always included the vibrant colors of the city, its azure sky, palace frescoes, stained-glass church windows..." The Bulgari dynasty was the first to combine intense pink tourmalines with flamboyant green peridots. It was also the first to cut gemstones "en cabochon," bringing the Pantheon to mind, using the cut of Roman paths or the silhouette of its ancient monument capitals.

All these Latin inspirations gave birth to the Chandra collection: the softness of the ceramic floral patterns reminds us of ancient temple mosaics, with the roundness of precious stone cabochons as a tribute to the domes overlooking Rome or Venice. Always a signature of the Bulgari House, the Chandra collection is adorned with the finest color variations, as cheerful and extroverted as the nostalgic memories of the Italian Dolce Vita.

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