The history of Bulgari Lucéa

Bulgari Lucéa jewellery

The heritage of the House of Bulgari is a source of inspiration that continually nourishes the brand’s creative process. The sense of space, the exquisite proportions, the love of color and refined lines are hallmarks of every Bulgari collection.

The House of Bulgari has always been acutely aware of light and the golden shadows on Rome’s stone walls. The “Lucéa” Collection is directly inspired by this trend. As a link between past and present, the Lucéa Collection is a perfect blend of the classic and the modern.

Geometric shapes, intimately linked with the glitter of diamonds, pearls of the Orient and other shimmering gems are bathed in the sun’s rays to amplify their shine. The alternation between cubic and spherical shapes intensifies the glistening effect of the jewels in the Lucéa collection still further. A true poem in light, Bulgari’s Lucéa collection invites us all to embark on a sparkling voyage.

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