The history of Mauboussin Arlequin

Mauboussin Arlequin jewellery

The Mauboussin House was created by the Rocher family in 1827, but the House really took off the 1930s, the date when its creation became a reference point in the world of jewelry.

It was this taste for color, which is still evident today, that made the House's reputation. Then, Mauboussin settled at Place Vendôme, the historical site of French jewelry, with an original product position: it needed to address the largest number of people with available creations.

The Arlequin Collection of jewelry resumed all the great lines from the House Mauboussin: unbridled creativity, cheerful and colorful aesthetics, and especially excellent technical mastery.

Dominated by enamel work and a bold color scheme, the Mauboussin Arlequin Collection of jewelry takes us to the jewelry of the 1960s, where volume and fantasy were the rule of thumb.

The Retro spirit of Mauboussin Arlequin jewelry will delight you with both vintage and couture design, a genuine jewelry collection.

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