The history of Celine Boogie

Celine Boogie bags

The “Boogie” model was created by Mickael Kors in 2002 when he was artistic director of the House of Celine.

In the spirit of the new phenomenon of the “it bag”, with its simple yet carefully sculpted lines that embody the design house’s simple elegance, the “Boogie” appealed to lovers of timeless elegance and fashionistas alike.

The Boogie’s ample volume and chunky features, its short handles for easy carrying, its two patch pockets and its monogrammed lining embody the House of Celine’s spirit of luxury and sportiness.

A beautiful, simple and practical flagship for Celine’s range of bags, the “Boogie” has been continually revised and it is available in a range of different colors and types of leather and has now achieved the exclusive status of a true classic.

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