The history of Cartier Panthère ruban

Watches Cartier Panthère ruban

In 1914, the Cartier brand launched its “panther” motif, one of the marque’s great classics. Above and beyond its role as a symbol of the marque, the animal also embodies a particular concept of independent, rebellious feminine elegance. In 1983, Cartier created a wristwatch with minimalist lines, distinguished by a square, screw-fitted casing with a typically “modernist” look, as well as its rice-grain link bracelet. Known as the “Panthère” it sports an androgynous style inspired by Art Deco.

The “Panthère Ruby” is a variation on the theme, ultra-feminine and utterly pure in its design. The widened rice-grain link bracelet and its ultra-minimalist dial give it a more opulent edge while retaining its simple charm.

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