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The Cartier brand launched its famous “panther” motif, which would go on to become a classic, as far back as 1910. Over and above its representation as an emblem of these bejeweled watches and jewelry, the Panther is the symbol of risqué elegance, passionate and independent femininity, and verges on being a state of mind. It is said that “La Panthère” was the nickname given by Louis Cartier to Jeanne Toussaint, whom he placed in charge of the brand’s artistic direction.

As a tribute, in 1983 Cartier created a bracelet watch, in a choice of pure steel or steel and gold, featuring minimalist lines and distinguished by a square, screw-fixed casing in a modernist style. The rice-grain links on the bracelet are also inspired by the Art Deco period and lend the Panthère model truly timeless elegance and an air of androgynous refinement. The domed cabochon sapphire that decorates the reverse is another of Cartier’s famous signatures.

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