The history of Poiray watches

Poiray watches

The Poiray House emerged in 1974 thanks to the association of François Herail and Michel Hermelin. Poiray is among the latest jewellery houses to join the Place Vendôme, and is called “The Place Vendôme’s little girl.”

The Poiray House’s emblematic pieces are as varied as they are innovative. Among them: the Ma Première watch, with its famous interchangeable bracelets, happy and coloured.

Poiray saw immediate success and quickly gained in notoriety, in part through the originality of its watchmaking creations, pure lines, and shapes that were soft and rich in colour.

In a short time, the Poiray house built an affirmed brand, much appreciated and recognized, without having to be ashamed of its predecessors on the Place Vendome. Today, Poiray watches are synonymous with creative audacity by the cultural and artistic commitment that characterises its creations. A true symbol of femininity and sensuality, the Poiray watches represent a noble value of luxury artisanship, a tribute to French expertise.

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