The history of Fendi Peekaboo

Fendi Peekaboo bags

Peekaboo by Fendi only appeared in 2009 but has rapidly established itself as an icon of the brand. The Peekaboo owes its name to the game of hide-and-seek that adults play with children and to its transparent effects that are as playful as they are beautiful.

Peekaboo’s chic minimalism stands for subtle luxury, intimate savoir-faire and perfect refinement and simplicity. Available in three sizes, the mini, medium and large models, the Peekaboo also comes in various sizes and materials, some of which are unique to the range.

Even the smallest details of the Peekaboo are thoughtfully refined, combining elegance and practicality: the bag can be worn with its adjustable, buttoned fasteners in the open or closed positions, showing off the interior of the bag, while the metal swivel clasp is placed on either side of the bag to allow it to be worn exactly as desired.

A favorite of stars the world over, such as Jennifer Lopez or Liu Wen, the Peekaboo is the ideal accessory for day and evening wear.

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