The history of Cartier Tank

Cartier Tank jewellery

Inspired by the watch that bears the same name, the Cartier Tank ring was eagerly anticipated for almost 90 years before being created.

The Cartier Tank watch appeared in 1917, inspired by the military assault tanks that came into being during those troubled times. Therefore, this was an aesthetic that broke with tradition, bringing modern design to workshops and quickly imposing an avant-garde style.

In the collection of Cartier Tank rings, there is raw material in the decidedly military spirit, combined with the finesse of jeweler expertise: a ring in yellow, white or rose gold, keeping precious stones, diamonds or other gemstones separate, in a net size, polished or faceted.

Give in to Cartier Tank rings, these timeless pieces of jewelry, in bold and daring designs, as coveted as they are precious.

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