The history of Cartier Roadster

Cartier Roadster watches

The history of the Roadster watch

The Roadster watch was created in 2002. Combining together the worlds of beautiful machines, chrome and speed, the Cartier Roadster watch is a true testimony of sporting elegance.

The style of the Cartier Roadster watch

The dynamic lines of its barrel casing, the original design of the crown "shells" that appears in the extension of the magnifying glass of the date indicator, the 2 tone dial associated with the traditional Roman numerals or the simplicity of Arabic numerals, make the Roadster watch an atypical model which tends to fit into the classic range of Cartier sport watches.

The Roadster watch joined the clan of the indispensable Cartier watches, such as the Tank, the Panthère watch or the Ballon Bleu watch.

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