The history of Hermès Herbag

Hermès Herbag bags

This bag, designed in 2000, combines a certain rustic elegance and the classicism that is so characteristic of a Hermès bag, with a very modern design.

By mixing canvas, leather and silver, which are the company’s signatures, with more contemporary styling, the Herbag is a synthesis of a city bag and a messenger bag, between sophistication and simplicity. Its clasp was inspired by saddle studs and is engraved with the company’s name, giving the design a touch of modern minimalism. Two leather tabs are threaded through the large stud to fasten the bag that can then be locked with a padlock at the back of the bag.

The earlier versions of the Herbag had two canvas bodies that could be changed over. The new version does not have that option, but has two canvas pouches instead: a large, separate, interior pouch attached by a leather strap that could be used separately as a clutch bag and a large exterior pouch attached to the back of the bag.

Hermès produces this bag in three sizes and in a wide range of leather and canvas combinations in different colours. The cabin version is the most capacious.

The Herbag is incredibly supple, due to the use of canvas, and very ergonomic. It is chic and practical with a very modern look.

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