The history of Bell & Ross watches

Bell & Ross watches

The history of the Bell & Ross brand began in 1992, initiated by Bruno Belamich and Carlos Rosillo, whose names form the eponymous contraction Bell & Ross. The watches were initially manufactured in Germany by the watchmaker Sinn. Bell & Ross was established in 2002 in La Chaux-de-Fonds, a small Swiss town where the watchmaking reputation cannot be duplicated.

The first purpose of Bell & Ross watches was to adapt to extreme conditions: a use that was essentially professional, for classes of specific trades such as aviation, where the brand mostly draws its inspiration from the size of its watches and their visibility. The brand’s first customers were the French army, the UN, and NATO.

Efficiency and reliability are the key words of Bell & Ross, and each of their timepieces takes into account the following factors: excellent resistance to water and extreme temperatures, precision of movement, and clarity of the visual indicators.

To target an audience of professional divers, the Hydromax was created in 1997. This Bell & Ross model is capable of reaching a depth of 11,000 meters.

The Aviation collection is very innovative: its dial resembles the look of an aviation dashboard. Examples: BR01 and BR03. Worn by enthusiasts from around the world today, Bell & Ross watches have an impeccable precision, combined with an original and innovative design.

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