The history of Patek Philippe Calatrava Clous De Paris

Watches Patek Philippe Calatrava Clous De Paris

The Calatrava and the Patek Philippe are true icons of watch making with the highest number of sales in the world since the thirties.

This mythical watch gets its name from the Order of Calatrava, a Spanish military order founded in the 12th century whose emblem is a Greek cross with fleur de lys at its extremities.

The Calatrava was created in 1932 and is the result of a philosophy that favours discreet elegance and purity of line.

The Calatrava has always been restrained and indifferent to fashion and is available in a range of versions.

One of the most famous is the Calatrava Clou de Paris, the case of which is decorated with a clous de Paris design in relief, giving it a stylish and elegant appearance.

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