The history of TAG Heuer Carrera

TAG Heuer Carrera watches

The history of the Tag Heuer Carrera watch

In 1950, Mexico created the Carrera Panamericana race to celebrate the opening of the highway through several South American states. This is a dangerous and long journey of 3,500 km, which starts from Guatemala to reach the US border. The most famous drivers of the time took part in this unique endurance race. In 1963, to honour this legendary race, Heuer presented the Carrera watch, worn by top drivers.

The style of the Tag Heuer Carrera watch

Historic and iconic model, the Tag Heuer Carrera watch is the oldest model still in the collection of the brand. Firstly exclusively round, with sporty and sober lines that we know, the Carrera evolved during the 70s to the barrel forms, more or less angular, typical of that era.

The Carrera joined the clan of the indispensable Tag Heuer watches, such as the Tag Heuer Monaco, the Aquaracer watch or the Golf watch.

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