The history of Rolex Deepsea / Sea-Dweller

Rolex Deepsea / Sea-Dweller watches

Designed by Rolex in 1967, this diving watch was originally developed with a company specialising in deep sea diving and was a favourite among divers, notably during deep sea diving operations undertaken in the late 1960s. Its characteristics are as follows:

  • Oyster case waterproof up to 610 m and up to 1,220 m from 1978
  • unidirectionally rotatable black bezel and black dial with luminous hour markers
  • discrete date display (without any “Cyclops” magnifier) at 9 o'clock
  • helium valve located on the side of the case, opposite to the screwed crown, allowing decompression without damaging the watch.
More than just a watch, the Sea-Dweller is an integral part of a diver's technical equipment. It remains unique today thanks to its robustness and distinctive design. It is a must-have piece for all diving watch collectors.
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